Start of Something New

"Start of Something New" is the first song heard in High School Musical the movie and on the movie soundtrack. This song is when Troy and Gabriella first meet. During the "Rock the House Contest" at the teen New Year's Eve party Troy and Gabriella are randomly chosen to sing in front of everybody. At first, they're both shy, but eventually they warm up to each other and give an amazing performance with the crowd going wild.

This song is about both Troy and Gabriella meeting each other for the first time and falling for each other. It is the "start of something new" as in new feelings.

Later on in the movie, after Chad, Jason and Zeke tell Troy how they tried to break him and Gabriella up, Troy goes to Gabriella's house and sings a shorter version of this song to her on her balcony to try to get her back "(Start of Something New (Reprise))". She then realizes just how much Troy truly cares about her, so she agrees to do the callbacks with him after he reminds her that it's a pair's audition.
High School Musical- Something New

High School Musical- Something New


Living in my own world
Didn't understand
That anything can happen
When you take a chance
I never believed in
What I couldn't see
I never opened my heart
To all the possibilities
I know that something has changed
Never felt this way
And right here tonight
This could be the start
Of something new
It feels so right
To be here with you
And now looking in your eyes
I feel in my heart
The start of something new
Now who'd of ever thought that
We'd both be here tonight
And the world looks so much brighter
With you by my side
I know that something has changed
Never felt this way
I know it for real
I never knew that it could happen
Till it happened to me
I didn't know it before
But now it's easy to see


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