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Gupta and Deepak Joy Cheenath
Bengaluru, India

Quizizz is a fun-multiplayer quiz game, similar to Kahoot. Quizizz was established when Gupta and Deepak Joy Cheenath founded the company in 2015, starting with a school in Bengaluru, India.

As of October 2018, Quizizz has over 10 million active users on the site.


Quizizz combines game-design elements with self-paced questions and instant feedback to help students learn. To play, teachers use their own content, or choose from millions of educator-created quizzes. Students can engage from any device. Different Quizizz game modes let students play as a group, or complete assignments at home. Features like points, customizable memes, and an optional leader board personalize the experience for each class. Instead of creating quizzes from scratch and hand grading every assignment, teachers cover basic concepts by customizing public quizzes and students get instant feedback when they complete each question. As a result, educators have more time to focus on priorities like individual support and curriculum development.

This funding will support new products that help students master standards specific to their grade-level, school, and state.

The site was redesigned with a new look in August 2017. Before the 2018 Olympics, only four options were offered. Since the three quarters of the 2018 Olympics, Quizizz gives you pictures, fifth options and a redesigned Quizizz.

Notable users


  • Quizizz users answer half a billion questions (500 million) each month.