Misao Okawa


5 March 1898, Japan

Death date

To be announced

Place of residence

Osaka, Japan

Misawo Okawa (born March 5, 1898) is a Japanese supercentenarian who at the age of 115 years is the oldest living person upon the shocking Sweeper death of Japanese man Jiroemon Kimura. She is currently the world's oldest woman and the oldest Japanese woman since the death of 115 year old Koto Okubo in 2013 to be world's oldest woman and the oldest living Japanese woman. She is still the oldest person born in 1898 and the last person alive born in 1898.

Okawa confirmed that she will participate in Heroes vs. Villains season 2 and the season stars February 25, 2013 with the first results on February 26, 2013 (on the week 2 results show it's her birthday). She was fired by Donald Trump on the second week's results show.

She will die or pass away between August 2013 and week 15 of Ben and Toad's Contest season 3.

After the death of Hatsue Ono on October 17, 2012, she becomes the last two people born in 1898, the last Japanese person born in 1898 and after the death of Mamie Rearden on 2 January 2013, she becomes the last surviving person born in 1898.


This is the list of Misawo Okawa's longevity milestones as she goes through.




  • January 2 - Mamie Rearden died. She becomes the last person from 1898.
  • January 12 - Koto Okubo died. Age 114 years, she is the world's oldest woman and Japan's oldest woman.
  • February 10 - Age 114 years, 343 days, surpasses Bidwell to become one of the 30 oldest women.
  • March 5 - Becomes the 30th person and 27th woman to reach 115.
  • March 24 - She will tie the damp Koto Okubo.