Vital statistics
Type Fire
Country Flag of Lithuania.svg Lithuania
Gender 75% Male, 25% Female
Weaknesses Rock, Water, Ground
Evolves from Magmar
Evolves to None
First Appearance Pokemon Diamond and Pearl
Last Appearance None

Magmortar is a Fire type Pokemon introduced in Generation IV.

Magmortar evolves from Magmar when traded using a Magmarizer. Magmortar is the final form of Magby.


Magmortar qualified for the 2018 Sebring Open, while Metagross halted his run, and his first Celebrity Family Feud draw in ten years in The Kardashians vs. The West Family when Metagross eliminated him again, in the second round as a qualifier. Magmortar was the only non-The Mask Singer contestant to qualify for The Kardashians vs. The West Family from the bottom half of the draw in qualifying.

Magmortar made shocking history for Lithuania as he qualified for the 2018 Indianapolis Open quarterfinals as a wildcard, and the only non-IndyCar player to do it. He also did it again at the 2018 Petit Le Mans, when he upset the reigning IndyCar winner Scott Dixon and Jirayu La-ongmanee by 0.01 of a second, bringing Lithuania's basketball form into this tournament. Magmortar made his first major final after defeating Rowlet in the semifinals by +6.80 of a second and then upset Volcarona by +0.32 of a second to win his first IndyCar level title. It was Magmortar's best result since second in leg 6 in The Amazing Race 30.

After their shock Petit Le Mans trophy, Magmortar played as an alternate at the 2018 Luk Thung Cup and replaced Ed Carpenter for his final group stage match against Ed Jones. Magmortar would then win the match in straight sets.

Magmortar is part of Abomasnow's team for The Mask Line Thai (Benjarong) and The Masked Singer US season 1 (Bee). With Abomasnow's squad, Magmortar fell in the Group Semifinals in The Mask Line Thai. Magmortar won his first playoff match against the Poodle Mask in the American version.