Vital statistics
Type Ice, Psychic
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Gender 100% Female
Weaknesses Ghost, Dark, Bug, Steel, Rock, Fire
Evolves from Smoochum
Evolves to None
First Appearance Generation I, 1996
Last Appearance None

Jynx is a dual Ice/Psychic type Pokemon introduced in Generation I.

Jynx evolves from Smoochum starting at level 30.

Pokemon Go

Jynx is available in Pokemon Go, due to Jynx being a Generation 1 Pokemon. In order to have a Jynx, Smoochum needs 50 candy to evolve; before Generation 2 was introduced Jynx can be hatched.

It is considered by the catch rate to be red using a red Poke Ball usually if the player rises the level high.


  • Jynx wasn't added to Pokémon Shuffle until the big update on February 16, 2016, which marks the game's first anniversary.
  • Jynx (along with Clauncher) is one of BATC season 1's least favourite Pokemon.
  • Jynx was suspended from the tour on the week of October 17, 2016 for King Bhumibol's death; which also led suspensions for other Thais.