Hélio Castroneves
Hélio Castroneves at Pit Stop Challenge - 2015 - Stierch
Hélio on the All-Stars season of Dancing with the Stars



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season 5 with Julianne Hough

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Hélio Castroneves (born May 10, 1975) is a Brazilian racing driver who currently has a ride with Team Penske in the WeatherTech SportsCar Championship. He won Dancing with the Stars in 2007 when he was 32 in season 5. He has never placed lower than sixth place, until 2011 when he placed 11th, one less than his place with Chelsie Hightower in the all-stars season of Dancing with the Stars. He won season 5 with Julianne Hough, who won with Apolo Anton Ohno in season 4. Castroneves returned to the fifteenth season to do his second time, with Chelsie Hightower. Helio and Chelsie were eliminated in week 3, where there was a double elimination, placing him 10th, along with season 2 winner Drew Lachey and his partner Anna Trebunskaya. In season 5, Helio earned four perfect thirtys, but in his second time, he did not. After ten seasons and five years, Helio and Sabrina, both from season 5, came back to do the all-stars season. He is not an American contestant.

Helio wanted to participate in Ben and Toad's Contest. He was announced by Jessica Phillips on August 24, 2012. He was fired by Koto Okubo and Donald Trump before the tenth week of the show.



  • "I can't believe that there are eighty Kama Chinens?"
  • "Seek that up, and shut up the sh*t!"
  • "B*tches are always motherf**kin' Canadians."

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