Sylveon fights against a Dragon/Flying type Salamence. They are both super effective against a fighting-type Lucario.

The fairy type is one of the types of Pokemon. For the first time since the second generation, the fairy type is the 18th and newest type to Pokémon introduced in Generation VI. The fairy type assembles you to anything magic.

Some of the Pokemon that were original types changed or added the fairy type.


  • They're weak against the poison type because poison and purity both represent the fairy pollution.
  • They're weak against the steel type because steel hurts a lot of fairies. They might get hurt when they touch them (this resembles to Hélio Castroneves' Stock Car Brasil 2013 crash); and Australia/Germany's illness in March 2016.
  • They're strong against the dragon type because fairies dominate well against dragons.
  • They're strong against the dark type because fairies represent the nicest people as well as the fighting type.
  • They're strong against the fighting type because psychical strength can't do anything and now virtually useless against magic.


  • Diancie is dual fairy/rock, so in Shuffle it was a Fairy type. The only type that is twice strong against a Diancie would be a steel type Pokemon, because they are good against both fairies and rocks.
  • Heracross is one of the Pokemon that double resist Fairy types, popularly due to it's Bug/Fighting type.
  • By defence, they resist the Bug, Fighting and Dark types.
  • Fairy was the first type of Pokemon to be added after Jiroemon Kimura's death.
  • Every type that resist Fairy moves also resist Grass and Bug.
    • In addition, all three of them are weak to Ground type moves.