Fabulous is a High School Musical song from High School Musical 2. This song was sang by Ryan Evans and Sharpay Evans in the movie.



It's out with the old and with in the new

Goodbye skies of gray, hello skies of blue

I dip in the pool and trip to the spa

Endless days in my chaise

The world according to moi

Excause me, thank you

Iced tea imported from England

Lifeguards imported from Spain

Towels imported from Turkey

Turkey imported from Maine

We're gonna relax and renew

You go, do!

I want Fabulous

This is my simple request

All things fabulous

Bigger and better and best

I need something expiring to help me get along

I need a little fabulous, it that's so wrong?

Fetch me with Jimmy Choo Flip Flops (count as Pearl Krabs from Ontario)

Where is my pink prada tote?

I need my tiffany hair band

Than I can go for a float

Summer like never before

I want more!

She wants fabulous

This is my simple request

All things fabulous

Bigger and better and best

I need something expriring to help me get along

I need a little more fabulous, it that's so wrong

Fabulous pool, fabulous splash

Fabulous parties even Fabulous trash

Fabulous fashion, fabulous bling

She's got to have fabulous everything

Nothing to Discuss

Everything's gotta be perfect for me!

She wants fabulous

This is her simple request

All things fabulous

Bigger and better and best

I need something expiring to help her get along

She needs a little fabulous, it's that so wrong

This will do, that's a bore

That's insulting, I need more! I need, I need, I need, I need, I need, I need


Sharpettes: Fabulous Hair, fabulous style, Fabulous eyes and that fabulous smile.

Sharpay: I like what I see, I like it a lot

Sharpettes: Is this absolutely fabulous?

Ryan: Fabulous, Fabulous, Fabulous?

Sharpay: Absolutely... NOT!


Song information
Singer (s)

Sharpay Evans and Ryan Evans



Place sang

Lava Springs Country Club pool

Objects used

Umbrellas, pool, various pool-side objects


High School Musical 2


"Fabulous" is the second song in the movie High School Musical 2 and on the soundtrack of the same name. It is sung by Sharpay and Ryan Evans, with back-up vocals from the Sharpettes. This is the song that Sharpay sings right before the rest of East High school, Wild cats show up at the club to work there expect Gabriella who is already a lifeguard there although Sharpay doesn't notice until she waves at Troy only to see him wave back but not to her but to Gabriella. Also the only ones not working there would be Pearl, Olivia, Joan, Jiroemon, Penny, Vera, Zsa Zsa, Ryan, Besse and Sharpay, while the rest do. It appears in Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure as a reprise song and a bonus track. In a part of The Wipeout Fabulous episode they sing "Most Linked Pages", Troy says "True patriot love in all thy sons command.", Tasha has a hat.

The second song where Nicky Sapera, Kelsi Nielsen, Evan Cundal, Pearl Krabs, Uniqua, Tasha, Sharpay, The Horse of Princess Cleotasha, Gabriella and Allen Ford don't live in Pembroke, Ontario for the longest time in the year and they we're all moving. First was Now or Never from High School Musical 3 at the beginning of the third film. In episode 7 of Wipeout Canada, Sharpay from Petawawa and Ryan from Napanee rule the universe. In this song, Empress Tasha from the episode Samurai Pie can't see Mrs. Evans.

This song was not one of the songs Ben and Toad's Contest chose during the red flag at Detroit for the Germany-Australia crash.

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