The Evans family is one of the families that is included to the fighting/singing Super Smash Bros. Bowl (series).
It has Ryan Evans and Sharpay Evans, who goes to East High School and not in the Super Smash Basketball Team.


Ryan EvansEdit

Ryan Evans is Sharpay's brother in the Super Smash Bros. Bowl (series) and the High School Musical series. He plays the drums in We're All in This Together but he did not appear in Work This Out because he appeared in the movie Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure as a cameo. He is played by Lucas Grabeel.

Sharpay EvansEdit

Sharpay Evans is Ryan's sister in the High School Musical series and the Super Smash Bros. Bowl (series). She steals You are the Music in Me from Kelsi Nielsen, Abigail Santos and Krystal because she tricks Abigail Santos in You are the Music in Me (Sharpay Version). She appeared in Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure as the main character in the Disney movie. She is played by Ashley Tisdale. She was stealing the Krabby Patty Secret Formula from Waluigi and she steals Kelsi Nielsen's arm wrestling suit. She lives in Petawawa and the only female from Petawawa (which is minutes away from Pembroke) but hates Squilliam.

Evans family
Sharpay Evans!

First Game and Movie:

High School Musical 1 (2006)


Sister of Ryan Evans

Second Game:

High School Musical 2 (2007)


Troyella and Sharpettes

Third Game:

High School Musical 3: Senior Year (2008)

Wipeout USA appears

Special Blind Date (Season 3)

Wipeout Canada episodes

Episode 2, Episode 1, Episode 7, Episode 9

Vance EvansEdit

Vance Evans is Ryan and Sharpay's rich father in the High School Musical series and the Super Smash Bros. Bowl (series). He likes to play golf in the Fly Girl vs GI Jane one from Wipeout Canada because he is played by Robert Curtis Brown.

Derby EvansEdit

Derby Evans is the rich mother of Ryan and Sharpay, but she appeared as a playable adult character in the High School Musical series and the Super Smash Bros. Bowl (series) since 2007. She is played by Jessica Tuck.

Jackie EvansEdit

Jackie Evans is a female Wipeout USA contestant on the Special Blind Date episode of Season 3. Her day ended when she is paired with Garret Camillen in the Overdrive.

Kelsi EvansEdit

Kelsi Evans is a female Wipeout Canada contestant on the seventh Chocolate Thunder episode. She is paired with Sharpay Kelsi, but she got eliminated in the Dizzy Dummy and placed 5th.