This article is about the Pocono tournament. To see the tournament held at the Sonoma finale, see Emmitt Smith vs. Todd Gurley II and Craig Robinson vs. Casey Wilson (September 9).

Emmitt Smith vs. Todd Gurley II and Craig Robinson vs. Casey Wilson is the tenth tournament and the eighth episode of the 2018 Celebrity Family Feud season.

Jirayu La-ongmanee was the six-time defending champion. A place for Kao Jirayu La-ongmanee in the 2018 Luk Thung Cup were in stakes if he won the tournament, and he successfully did it, beating Gilles Marini (who would have qualified for the seedings with standings), 6–1, 6–3. It was the last time until Naomi Osaka's title at the 2018 US Open that an Asian player would win a Grand Slam/IndyCar-level tournament.

IndyCar uses a minute's silence for all the Thais playing in the tournament for Mother's Day (excluding Andretti Autosport's Pee Saderd and Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing's Jirayu La-ongmanee), since the first and second rounds clash with the national holiday.

This episode saw Emmitt Smith, who retired last episode, play the Feud with his family. Also, this was Robert Wickens' last tournament of his career due to his Pocono crash injuries that left him a paraplegic.


Emmitt Smith vs. Todd Gurley II

Emmitt Smith - NFL legend and Hall of Fame running back; playing for Pat & Emmitt Smith Charities

Todd Gurley II - Los Angeles Rams All-Pro running back; playing for Tarboro Community Outreach, Inc.

Craig Robinson vs. Casey Wilson

Craig Robinson - comedian and actor ("The Office"); playing for St. Leonard's Ministries

Casey Wilson - actress known for "Saturday Night Live"; playing for ACT for Alexandria: The Kathy Wilson Foundation Fund



The seedings were announced by Alomomola when the IndyCar Series participated in The Mask Project A, that saw the series go home from the show when "Unidentified Flying Object" became the series again, for the first time since June 14, 2018 (2018 FIFA World Cup opener Russia vs. Saudi Arabia, Russia destroyed Saudi Arabia 5-0). It was later revealed that the singer in the "Unidentified Flying Object" mask that IndyCar sang was rookie Jirayu La-ongmanee, who qualified 5th, keeping his top eight seeding streak. The 2018 FIFA World Cup winners France, represented by Simon Pagenaud, qualified behind rookie Jirayu La-ongmanee (representing Korea Republic) in sixth.

Of those 32 countries that qualified, 24 of them qualified for Scotty McCreery vs. Chris Kattan and Amber Riley vs. Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott.

Thailand qualified with Monkan Kankoon as their representative due to the theme of the episode being "Thailand Mother's Day". Six singers (Drew Lachey, Jirayu La-ongmanee, Joey Fatone, Monkan Kankoon, Pee Saderd and Tanont Chumroen) qualified. Four Thai-born representatives (Tanont Chumroen, Monkan Kankoon, Jirayu La-ongmanee and Pee Saderd) qualified; both Jirayu La-ongmanee and Pee Saderd qualified due to the IndyCar Series.

Six of these eight getting a bye into the second round were members of the Biggest Fatone Contributors from Faith Evans vs. Ross Mathews and USA Gymnastics vs. USA Swimming, expect Hélio Castroneves and Mario Lopez. Rookie Jirayu La-ongmanee and 7th seed Volcarona replaced both Castroneves and Lopez. Jirayu La-ongmanee didn't qualify for the tournament last year, and Volcarona lost in the second round. Castroneves was unseeded for all this season due to him driving in the WeatherTech SportsCar Championship, and Lopez then had to miss the remainder of the season due to Achilles injury.

01.   Ukraine Scott Dixon (Semifinals)
02.   Croatia Josef Newgarden (Semifinals)
03.   Belgium Metagross (Quarterfinals)
04.   Russia Pee Saderd (Quarterfinals)
05.   South Korea Jirayu La-ongmanee (Champion)
06.   France Simon Pagenaud (Second round)
07.   Serbia Volcarona (Quarterfinals)
08.   Australia Will Power (Third round, retired)
09.   Bosnia and Herzegovina Beartic (Fourth round)
10.   Slovakia Ryan Hunter-Reay (Fourth round)
11.   Japan Apolo Anton Ohno (Fourth round)
12.   Uruguay Graham Rahal (Fourth round)
13.   Czech Republic Ueli Kestenholz (Fourth round)
14.   Turkey Pidgeot (Third round)
15.   Poland Joey Fatone (Fourth round)
16.   Canada James Hinchcliffe (Third round)
17.   Switzerland Chespin (Second round)
18.   England Jonathan Bald (Second round))
19.   China Henry Zhang (First round)
20.   Romania Vaporeon (First round)
21.   Honduras Nidoking (Third round)
22.   Iran Allen Ford (Second round)
23.   Brazil Larvesta (Second round)
24.   Paraguay Haxorus (First round)
25.   Lithuania Ryan Duchak (Third round)
26.   Latvia Machamp (First round)
27.   Sweden Heracross (First round)
28.   Ecuador Drew Lachey (Third round)
29.   Thailand Monkan Kankoon (First round)
30.   Estonia Philip Demers (First round)
31.   Azerbaijan Decidueye (First round)
32.   Netherlands Tanont Chumroen (Second round)

Seven countries would then fail to qualify for Sherri Shepherd vs. Ian Ziering and Tommy Chong vs. Derek Fisher and Gloria Govan (August 19): China, Ecuador, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Romania and Thailand.



  Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
  1  Ukraine Scott Dixon 4 7 7  
7  Serbia Volcarona 6 5 5  
  1  Ukraine Scott Dixon 7 5 5  
   France Gilles Marini 5 7 7  
3  Belgium Metagross 3 6 62
   France Gilles Marini 6 2 77  
     France Gilles Marini 1 3
  5  South Korea Jirayu La-ongmanee 6 6
  5  South Korea Jirayu La-ongmanee 6 6  
4  Russia Pee Saderd 3 3  
5  South Korea Jirayu La-ongmanee 62 6 7
  2  Croatia Josef Newgarden 77 2 5  
 Belarus Tyranitar 1 2
  2  Croatia Josef Newgarden 6 6  

Top half

Section 1

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
1  Ukraine S Dixon Smith  
 Paraguay MR Alvaro Gurley     1  Ukraine S Dixon Robinson  
 Bulgaria Mario Gurley    Slovenia Landorus Wilson  
 Slovenia Landorus Smith       1  Ukraine S Dixon 6 6  
 Poland Z Veach Gurley        Kazakhstan Litten 0 1  
 Kazakhstan Litten Smith      Kazakhstan Litten Robinson
 Armenia C Nicholson Smith    Armenia C Nicholson Wilson  
24  Paraguay Haxorus Gurley       1  Ukraine S Dixon 7 4 6
30  Estonia P Demers Gurley       12  Uruguay G Rahal 5 6 3
 Serbia R Wickens Smith      Serbia R Wickens Wilson  
     Canada C Mathison Robinson  
         Canada C Mathison 4 5
 Lithuania Leavanny Smith       12  Uruguay G Rahal 6 7  
 Thailand B Phromphong Gurley      Lithuania Leavanny Wilson
WC  Turkey Donkey Kong Gurley   12  Uruguay G Rahal Robinson  
12  Uruguay G Rahal Smith  

Section 2

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
      15  Poland J Fatone Robinson  
 Romania T Janus Gurley    Paraguay J Chestnut Wilson  
 Paraguay J Chestnut Smith       15  Poland J Fatone 6 6  
 Bulgaria Luigi Gurley        Thailand M Piromporn 1 2  
 Thailand M Piromporn Smith      Thailand M Piromporn Robinson
 Netherlands Gallade Smith    Netherlands Gallade Wilson  
27  Sweden Heracross Gurley       15  Poland J Fatone 6 4 4
17  Switzerland Chespin Smith       7  Serbia Volcarona 1 6 6
 Canada Fennekin Gurley     17  Switzerland Chespin Wilson  
 Thailand T Chainarong Gurley    Belgium L Bass Robinson  
 Belgium L Bass Smith        Belgium L Bass 2 2
 Honduras M Leist Gurley       7  Serbia Volcarona 6 6  
 Russia M Andretti Smith      Russia M Andretti Wilson
    7  Serbia Volcarona Robinson  

Section 3

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
3  Belgium Metagross Smith  
 Greece L Birkhead Gurley     3  Belgium Metagross Robinson  
 Japan T Sato Smith    Japan T Sato Wilson  
 Iceland Scolipede Gurley       3  Belgium Metagross 6 6  
 Thailand K Kantathavorn Smith       21  Honduras Nidoking 3 4  
 France C Marchant Gurley      Thailand K Kantathavorn Wilson
 Honduras H Castroneves Gurley   21  Honduras Nidoking Robinson  
21  Honduras Nidoking Smith       3  Belgium Metagross 6 6
29  Thailand M Kankoon Gurley        Tunisia S Marion 0 1
 Thailand T Pooslip Smith      Thailand T Pooslip Wilson  
 Tunisia S Marion Smith    Tunisia S Marion Robinson  
 Colombia JP Montoya Gurley        Tunisia S Marion 7 3 6
 Slovenia C Prosic Smith       16  Canada J Hinchcliffe 5 6 1  
 Montenegro R Jennings Gurley      Slovenia C Prosic Wilson
    16  Canada J Hinchcliffe Robinson  

Section 4

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
10  Slovakia R Hunter-Reay Smith  
 Ukraine Aurorus Gurley     10  Slovakia R Hunter-Reay Robinson  
 Kazakhstan T Wadleigh Smith    Kazakhstan T Wadleigh Wilson  
 Japan Lapras Gurley       10  Slovakia R Hunter-Reay 6 6  
 Brazil T Kanaan Smith       25  Lithuania R Duchak 2 2  
 Bulgaria C Nickson Gurley      Brazil T Kanaan Wilson
 Hong Kong C Daly Gurley   25  Lithuania R Duchak Robinson  
25  Lithuania R Duchak Smith       10  Slovakia R Hunter-Reay 5 7 64
22  Iran A Ford Smith        France G Marini 7 5 77
 Spain L Bocanegra Gurley     22  Iran A Ford Wilson  
 Belgium A Rossi Smith    Belgium A Rossi Robinson  
 Uruguay Venusaur Gurley        Belgium A Rossi 6 62 5
         France G Marini 3 77 7  
       France G Marini Robinson
 Denmark Avalugg Gurley   6  France S Pagenaud Wilson  
6  France S Pagenaud Smith  

Bottom half

Section 5

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
      5  South Korea J La-ongmanee W  
 Switzerland M Chilton Gurley    Sweden Hippowdon w/o  
 Sweden Hippowdon Smith       5  South Korea J La-ongmanee 6 7  
 Portugal Diggersby Smith        Slovakia Beedrill 4 5  
 Chile Rowlet Gurley      Portugal Diggersby Wilson
 Slovakia Beedrill Smith    Slovakia Beedrill Robinson  
19  China H Zhang Gurley       5  South Korea J La-ongmanee 6 6
32  Netherlands T Chumroen Smith       9  Bosnia and Herzegovina Beartic 4 4
 Moldova J Fisher Gurley     32  Netherlands T Chumroen Wilson  
 Japan K Sugimori Gurley    Greece Snorunt Robinson  
 Greece Snorunt Smith        Greece Snorunt 2 1
 Georgia (country) A Rippon Smith       9  Bosnia and Herzegovina Beartic 6 6  
 Italy M Manieri Gurley      Georgia (country) A Rippon Wilson
 Thailand P Phongsatorn Gurley   9  Bosnia and Herzegovina Beartic Robinson  
9  Bosnia and Herzegovina Beartic Smith  

Section 6

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
14  Turkey Pidgeot Smith  
 United States Magearna Gurley     14  Turkey Pidgeot Robinson  
 England E Jones Smith    England E Jones Wilson  
 England J Harvey Gurley       14  Turkey Pidgeot 4 5  
 Thailand I Issarapong Gurley        Czech Republic C Kimball 6 7  
 Australia Wario Smith      Australia Wario Wilson
 Czech Republic C Kimball Smith    Czech Republic C Kimball Robinson  
31  Azerbaijan Decidueye Gurley        Czech Republic C Kimball 1 3
23  Brazil Larvesta Smith       4  Russia P Saderd 6 6
 United States E Carpenter Gurley     23  Brazil Larvesta Wilson  
PR  Japan Y Totsuka Smith   PR  Japan Y Totsuka Robinson  
PR  England B Monger Gurley       PR  Japan Y Totsuka 0 5
 Canada Z Claman DeMelo Gurley       4  Russia P Saderd 6 7  
 Republic of Macedonia Skorupi Smith      Republic of Macedonia Skorupi Wilson
    4  Russia P Saderd Robinson  

Section 7

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
8  Australia W Power Smith  
 Turkey S Pigot Gurley     8  Australia W Power Robinson  
 Austria Thundurus Gurley    Serbia Salamence Wilson  
 Serbia Salamence Smith       8  Australia W Power 3 5r  
 Belarus Tyranitar Smith        Belarus Tyranitar 6 2  
 Thailand J Jaturong Gurley      Belarus Tyranitar Robinson
 Nigeria C Ceballos Smith    Nigeria C Ceballos Wilson  
20  Romania Vaporeon Gurley        Belarus Tyranitar 7 4 7
28  Ecuador D Lachey Smith       13  Czech Republic U Kestenholz 5 6 5
 Germany Yoshi Gurley     28  Ecuador D Lachey Robinson  
 Bosnia and Herzegovina S Bourdais Smith    Bosnia and Herzegovina S Bourdais Wilson  
 England J King Gurley       28  Ecuador D Lachey 4 6 1
 Russia E Guiffreda Gurley       13  Czech Republic U Kestenholz 6 3 6  
 Italy Popplio Smith      Italy Popplio Wilson
 Algeria Altaria Gurley   13  Czech Republic U Kestenholz Robinson  
13  Czech Republic U Kestenholz Smith  

Section 8

First Round   Second Round   Third Round   Fourth Round
      11  Japan AA Ohno Robinson  
 Thailand L Wongsakorn Gurley    Hungary C Marshall Wilson  
 Hungary C Marshall Smith       11  Japan AA Ohno 6 6  
 India M Gupta Smith        Finland Noivern 2 2  
 Canada D Bennie Gurley      India M Gupta Wilson
 Finland Noivern Smith    Finland Noivern Robinson  
26  Latvia Machamp Gurley       11  Japan AA Ohno 3 7 1
18  England J Bald Smith       2  Croatia J Newgarden 6 5 6
PR  Brazil P Fittipaldi Gurley     18  England J Bald Wilson  
 Thailand N Naurepol Gurley    Russia Hydreigon Robinson  
 Russia Hydreigon Smith        Russia Hydreigon 0 0
 Russia D Guiffreda Gurley       2  Croatia J Newgarden 6 6  
 Croatia Dragonite Smith      Croatia Dragonite Wilson
 Croatia H Ward Gurley   2  Croatia J Newgarden Robinson  
2  Croatia J Newgarden Smith  

Thailand SuperStar IG

Part of the tournament's theme, Thailand Mother's Day, they used the site for some references.

Of those 20 full-time IndyCar guys seeded with Abomasnow, only two (Jirayu La-ongmanee and Joey Fatone) aren't ranked between 1000 and 2000, by the premiere of the tournament. This was because most of the 20 IndyCar seeds have between 25k and 130k followers on Instagram, by the premiere of the tournament. Fatone was ranked between 810 and 830, and La-ongmanee kept his top 120 ranking. (This is before the start of the tournament). Notably, some of those non-entries included Prachyaluck Chotwuttinan, who sang in the Grass mask from The Mask Singer season 4.

(Only ones prior to the tournament are accepted into this section.)

More of these entries into various squads for The Masked Singer.

IndyCar used the examples (IndyCar chose to order and use the Thailand SuperStar IG entries by letter of their first name on Instagram):