Boinga at the door seen without Mommy Martian.



First Appearance

Mission To Mars

Last Appearance

Wipeout Canada (Episode 13)


The Backyardigans

Boinga is a minor character, a female in one episode, a non-playable character in the fighting game (similar to Super Smash Bros.) All-Star Brawl (Beauties) from the episode Mission To Mars from season two of the Backyardigans. He did not appear in any further episodes of the Backyardigans.

Boinga is mostly of a green color. He wears a pouch of pearls in the show Wipeout.


Boinga did only appear in two episodes of two TV cartoon shows (one on Wipeout Canada, USA, Australia, United Kingdom, one on a Backyardigans musical show from kids-children that are ages 2-10), "Mission to Mars" and' "Family Edition", from season one of Wipeout Canada, and season two of the Backyardigans.

In Wipeout Canada

In Wipeout Canada episode 7 during the Qualifier, Boinga did not appear in the episode in the topple towers until the end of Allen Ford and Kelsi Nielsen's day in the dizzy dummy.

He was not on Ben and Toad's Contest because of the young age he is. The minimum age to enter was 15.


  • "Boinga, boinga, boinga!" (playing with Uniqua's cell phone)
  • "Pearl, boinga?"
  • "Boinga ass?"
  • "No, Mommy!"
  • "Olesya, Olesya, Olesya"!
  • "Wait, go away!"
  • "Volca, Volca, Volca!" (Heard many times during IndyCar races)


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