Ben and Toad's Contest

Competition type

Celebrity Apprentice, Dancing with the Stars (DWTS comes first)

Air date

September 22, 2012 - Present

Current Champions

Thailand Takkatan Chonlada

Headquarter location

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Ben and Toad's Contest is a reality TV show featuring celebrities from different countries of the world. The headquarters of BATC are located at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Speedway, Indiana. The series is containing of two different shows: Celebrity Apprentice and Dancing with the Stars, with Dancing with the Stars going first by Donald Trump's order. The order of the show is like the triathlon (the swim, the bike and the run), expect the contestant on the show gets to dance; then go for Celebrity Apprentice. Formerly there were over-aged people, Supercentenarians; who were allowed to enter the show for the first four seasons, until season 5 when the maximum age is 110.

Dual-typed Contestants

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Video games

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Known events


Ben and Toad's Contest records


Ben and Toad's Contest awards

  • 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 awards were all held in November.
  • Note: The 2016 awards were supposed to be handed out in November, but King Bhumibol's death postponed the 2016 awards until December 2016-January 2017.


List of Ben and Toad's Contest controversies

List of shocks

This is the list of 30 notable BATC big shocks. One of the biggest BATC shocks is... Czech Republic's Carrera de Estrellas victories over Germany after the Germans spun in race 1; and the crash of Kyle Busch in the Xfinity race during the show's sixth season. The biggest shock remains from season 4 when the Germany national team lost to the hands of the Croatia national team, after getting "PIT ENTRY VIOLATION". The season 4 finale was the least accessed of the season finales currently.

Rank Name Season Known reason
23 An upset on the podium 6 Colombia and Australia, and plus Brazil at St Pete. The season 1 cast (expect Helio Castroneves) played spoiler.
22 Germany has throttle problems 4 They failed to make it past the first round. They did not start the Mid Ohio race due to throttle problems. Many people expected Germany to finish in the top 10, but they didn't.
21 Italy's 3-0 bagels over Ukraine and Germany 2 Italy, who is unseeded and ranked lower than 10th in the world, beat two seeded nations in the Armwrestling World Championship in Canada.
20 Delay that! Delay that! Slovakia replied to Germany 2 Slovakia said that IndyCar must postpone one of the races from the 2013 schedule due to rain. The Slovaks played Germany again in the 2014 Indy 500 finish, the Slovaks won.
11 NOLA Rains Too Much 6 Serbia was discussing about cancelling the race because it would be too wet and rainy to go there. Serbia also liked the podium, and said "CONGRATS Germany! First season 1 team in the top 3 since Bosnia in Mid Ohio 2014!".
10 Brasilia race is cancelled 5 The South Korean team get direct entry to the BATC finale. The season 6 week 5 task is moved to South Korea. There will be no Slovakia-Croatia game due to the cancellation.
9 Surprise finalist 5 Season 1 produced a surprising finalist on the second-last week of BATC season 5.
8 Italy's evil words on Germany 5 The Italian team did the "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" song. They wrote "Germany is evil. Happy No Year everyone!".
7 Russia's qualifying victory over Germany 5 No team won the task due to a major shock in SKUSA qualifying, when the Russians upset the world number ones Germany. Russia was #7.
6 Hurricane Sandy 1 This was terrifying for most BATC fans. The IndyCar drivers competing at the Gold Coast 600 in 2012 after they said elimination from DWTS All Stars?
5 The terrible Aleshin crash in Practice 2 4 The Flag of Russia.svg Russia team will not start the race due to a practice crash that looked like "Alex Zanardi losing legs". After the red flag, Ukraine upset the world number one Germany.
4 Phoenix with power outage and delay Trucks 5 Many teams said that the Camping Truck race was going to be postponed to Saturday. It also saw the task move from the Czech Republic to Russia. This is one of the times the task has moved from it's original location.
3 Ahn's unexpected firing in week 10; SKUSA heat red-flagged 5 Many expected Helio Castroneves to be fired by Trump before Bogota. None of the contestants voted on him. The surprise result was the firing of Donald Driver. The show was surprised again with Brazil's result to week 11.
2 Germany's loss to unseeded Czechs in Bogota 5 The Germans finished 9th in the first race, in which was a shock for BATC fans. In the second race, Germany finished outside the top 5, which is also a shock. Most people predicted Germany for podium.
1 Germany's drive-through penalty in season 4 finale 4 The Germans got an improper entry into pit lane and was accessed a drive-through penalty. This was considered as the biggest BATC shock. The Croatians won their first BATC title.

Countries represented

Contestants from Australia are moved from Oceania to Asia due to Australia's move from OFC to AFC on the year of the 2006 FIFA World Cup. Carlos Munoz, who was rumored for season 6, was moved from Mexico to Colombia (they suggested it is the racing driver from Colombia; or the Chilean footballer). As of season 7, there are more contestants representing the Flag of the United States.svg United States than any other country in the world; with contestants having more Chevrolet engines than Honda (all chassis are Dallara DW12).

Flag of Kazakhstan.svg Kazakhstan is a UEFA representative instead of the AFC.

Season 5 is an all-star season. Contestant replacements are on this list.

AFC (Asia)
CAF (Africa)

No contestants. Season 3 contestant Beth Tweddle was born in Flag of South Africa.svg South Africa, now represents Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Great Britain.

CONCACAF (North America)
CONMEBOL (South America)
OFC (Oceania)

Australia is currently an AFC member instead.

UEFA (Europe)


Main article: List of Ben and Toad's Contest contestants

The contestant on the season must be aged 15 or older by the airing (15 by July 1 in the fall seasons; 15 by December 31 on the winter seasons). Most of the contestants on the show by the airing date are from the United States, with contestants from countries that are outside the United States: Canada, France, Russia, and Brazil; appearing in any season. From season 8, contestants must be 14 to participate due to the BATC changing age eligibly and Willow Shields and Hayes Grier's age in season seven.

There was 42 contestants in the first season, 43 in the second season, 50 in the third season (originally 60, than 40, now 50), 60 contestants in seasons 4 and 6, and 48 (extended due to a green-white-checker finish) for season 5.

IndyCar birthdays Results

May 10 is the most successful birthday date of all time by BATC and IndyCar, with most teams of the BATC world expect Poland and Russia qualifying directly. After the death of Justin Wilson, Poland and Russia directly qualify for Today's Birthdays on the given date in the given country.

2013 season

Only full time drivers during 2013.

Country Flag of Uruguay.svg Jan 4 Flag of Japan.svg Jan 28 Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Feb 20 Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg Feb 28 Flag of Australia.svg Mar 1 Flag of the United States.svg Mar 3 Flag of Italy.svgFlag of Russia.svg Mar 13 Flag of Germany.svg May 10 Flag of France.svg May 18 Flag of Ecuador.svg Jun 2 BANDERA ARGENTINA Jul 22 Ch Jul 31 Flag of Slovenia.svg Aug 4 Flag of Greece.svg Aug 22 Flag of Austria.svg Sep 1 Flag of Canada.svg Dec 5 Flag of Slovakia.svg Dec 17 Flag of Croatia Dec 22 Flag of Serbia.svg Dec 31
Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina  •  •  • Q Q  • Q Q Q  • Q  •  •  •  •  • Q  • Q
Flag of Australia (converted).svg Australia  •  •  • Q Q  • Q Q Q  • Q  •  •  •  •  • Q Q Q
Flag of Austria.svg Austria  •  •  • Q Q  • Q Q Q  • Q  •  •  • Q Q Q Q Q

2014 season

Country Flag of Chile.svg Jan 2 Flag of Uruguay.svg Jan 4 Flag of Japan.svg Jan 28 Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Feb 20 Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svgBANDERA ARGENTINA Feb 28 Flag of Australia.svg Mar 1 Flag of Italy.svg Mar 13 Flag of Germany.svg May 10 Flag of France.svg May 18 Flag of Russia.svg May 22 Flag of Ecuador.svg Jun 2 Flag of Belarus.svg Jun 22 Flag of New Zealand.svg Jul 22 Ch Jul 31 Colombian flag Sep 20 UKRF Sep 24 Flag of Canada.svg Dec 5 Flag of Slovakia.svg Dec 17 Flag of Croatia Dec 22 Flag of Brazil.svg Dec 31

2015 season

This chart is for drivers that ran at least eight races or full time.

Country Flag of Spain.svg Jan 2 Flag of Uruguay.svg Jan 4 Flag of Japan.svg Jan 28 Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Feb 20 BANDERA ARGENTINAFlag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg Feb 28 Flag of Australia.svg Mar 1 Flag of Sweden.svg Mar 5 Flag of Russia.svg Mar 13 Ch Apr 6 Flag of Germany.svg May 10 Flag of France.svg May 18 Flag of Ecuador.svg Jul 7 UKRF Jul 22 Flag of Slovenia.svg Aug 4 Flag of Romania.svg Aug 9 Flag of Greece.svg Aug 22 Colombian flag Sep 20 Flag of Slovakia.svg Dec 17 Flag of Croatia Dec 22 Serbia Dec 31
  • Note: Poland and Russia failed to qualify for May 10 round for the third consecutive time despite not appearing until Helio Castroneves (representing Germany) leaves the series.
  • Poland and Russia also failed to qualify for September 20 for the second consecutive year.
  • Due to Tony Kanaan's surgery, the December 31 round is moved from Brazil to Serbia.

2016 season

The May 10 round was moved from Germany back to Honduras; the today's birthdays that day will be co-hosted by Czech Republic, Sweden and Honduras. Australia and Germany will co-host the March 1 round. The birthday of Justin Wilson, July 31, was originally going to be hosted by Austria but will be hosted by Turkey instead due to his death in August 2015. Russia and Italy will co-host the green flag as part of the March 13 round. Sweden will host the March 5 round; unlike the previous year.

Delphox and Venezuela are both scheduled to host the May 19 birthdays round, which was not held the previous two years due to the retirement of Dario Franchitti.

In January, Germany avenged their loss to the Netherlands at Sonoma with a score of 3-2.

Country Spain Jan 2 Uruguay Jan 4 Japan Jan 28 Czech Republic Feb 20 Belarus Feb 25 Bosnia and HerzegovinaArgentina Feb 28 GermanyAustralia Mar 1 Sweden Mar 5 RussiaItaly Mar 13 Honduras May 10 FranceDenmark May 18 Venezuela May 19 Poland May 22 Paraguay Jun 2 Bulgaria Jun 22 Ecuador Jul 7 Ukraine Jul 22 Turkey Jul 31 Slovenia Aug 4 Greece Aug 22 Colombia Sep 20 Costa Rica Sep 24 Peru Sep 29 Slovakia Dec 17 Croatia Dec 22 Brazil Dec 31


Only the top three of each season is shown.

No. Dates Winner Runner-Up Third Place
1 9/22/2012 - 2/2/2013 South Korea Viktor Ahn United States Emmitt Smith Japan Tomoka Takeuchi
2 2/9/2013 - 9/1/2013 United States Jennifer Lopez United States Mýa United States Laila Ali
3 9/21/2013 - 2/1/2014 United States Zendaya United States Corbin Bleu Colombia Shakira
4 2/8/2014 - 8/30/2014 South Korea Kim Yu-Na Japan Mao Asada United States Nick Carter
5 9/20/2014 - 1/31/2015 France Gilles Marini Brazil Helio Castroneves United States Kristi Yamaguchi
6 2/7/2015 - 8/30/2015 Colombia Juan Pablo Montoya Australia Will Power South Korea Lee Sang-Hwa
7 9/19/2015 - 1/31/2016 Season cancelled due to Paris Attacks, France Simon Pagenaud won.
8 2/06/2016 - 9/04/2016
  • Kimura died on June 12, 2013. That was four days after the Unanimous won the 2013 Firestone 550.
  • Season 4 was expected to end during the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, but due to the green-white-checker finish, the finals of season 4 is moved to the IndyCar series' August 30 finale during the MAVTV 500 event.
  • The season 1 winner in the season 4 finale originally ended to defending champions Germany, but due to a "NO GO Peru Pit Entry Violation" in the last laps, the trophy went to the lower ranked Croatians.
  • Season 6 was expected to end during the 2015 FIFA World Cup in Canada, but was moved back to Labor Day; just like last year due to a green-white-checker finish.
  • Season 6 was the first time that the top four were athletes. No American finished in the top four for the first time. By Romania, this remains to be one of the poorest BATC seasons ever with the death of Justin Wilson at 37.
  • There was a partner switch planned in season 18 of DWTS, but not in seasons 4 and after due to Brazil 1-7 Germany.
  • In season 1 week 12, Sabine Lisicki mistakenly placed the IndyCar driver in Team Belleville; but was replaced by Francesca Schiavone because of the Stock Car Corrida do Milhao. Ina Meschik of Team Bosnia did not agree.
  • Kazakhstan kept changing the "Death of Justin Wilson" title to "Death of Victoria Azarenka", "Death of Maria Sharapova", "Death of Will Power", "Death of Helio Castroneves" (that was what the Turks needed on 9 August 2013 due to his heavy Stock Car Brasil crash; but Germany survived instead); and other names. Germany reverted it back to "Justin Wilson".
  • Season 5 was the first time that the top three were DWTS finalists. Marini in season eight, Castroneves winning season 5 and Yamaguchi in season six.


A maximum of 32 (the same number as FIFA World Cup teams) contestants can compete. Note that in seasons that start from fall to winter, it's parallel giant slalom. Also noting that in seasons that start from winter until summer, it's determined by association football matches.

Season 1

All events were in Rosa Khutor Extreme Park. It did not start until 2:00 am EST. It was a Sochi 2014 practice event for the Germans and the Croatians.

Needing a win, Team Serbia had two of it's weakest players up; Jiroemon Kimura and Misao Okawa. But Serbia's times were slower than most of the younger participants.

Men's parallel giant slalom
Rank Bib Contestant Country Blue Course Red Course Time Notes
1 1 Gilles Marini Flag of France.svg France 47.47 48.06 1.35.53 Q
2 10 Lionel Messi Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina 48.67 47.14 1.35.81 Q

Season 2

Team Played W D L GF GA GD Pts
Flag of Germany.svg Unanimous (GER) 3 3 0 0 15 3 +12 9
Flag of Slovakia.svg Plan B (SVK) 3 1 1 1 9 6 +3 4
Flag of Ukraine.svg Power (UKR) 3 1 1 1 9 8 +1 4
Flag of Croatia.svg Backbone (CRO) 3 0 0 3 0

Edmonton in MST, Vancouver in PST, Toronto in EST

Time Stadium Score Home Team Away Team
10:00 Commonwealth Stadium, Edmonton 5-1 Flag of Germany.svg Unanimous (GER)
Marini 14, 26'
Ohno 57, 90+1'
Fatone 67'
Flag of Croatia.svg Backbone (CRO)
V. Semerenko 3'
12:00 BMO Field, Toronto 1-1 Flag of Slovakia.svg Plan B (SVK)
Yamaguchi 90+1'
Flag of Ukraine.svg Power (UKR)
Ward 80'
15:00 BMO Field, Toronto 5-1 Flag of Germany.svg Unanimous (GER)
Castroneves 3, 25, 56, 77, 83'
Flag of Slovakia.svg Plan B (SVK)
Ali 45+3'
15:00 BC Place, Vancouver Flag of Croatia.svg Backbone (CRO)
Flag of Ukraine.svg Power (UKR)

Season 3

Season 3's final was expected to be held the week before the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Season 4

See also: 2014 BATC Season 4 Finals

AFC (2)
OFC (1)


UEFA (11)

Season 4 was the second time the finale was held on Labor Day. All of the all-star season 5 contestants announced were moved from their original team in their season to their season 5 team; which Vortex will be Flag of Spain.svg Spain and Infinity announced Flag of Algeria.svg Algeria.

The final INDYCAR race saw some unexpected wins and draws; Flag of Italy.svg Italy over Flag of Germany.svg Germany for the final practice. Slovakia, Ukraine, Italy, Russia, Brazil and Colombia were all in the lead lap, while Croatia stunned Germany in the final laps. Additionally two unseeded countries defeated seeded countries: Flag of Poland.svg Poland over Flag of Ukraine.svg Ukraine, Flag of Ecuador.svg Ecuador over Flag of Germany.svg Germany.

Most of the BATC contestants did not like Sonoma, because of the season 1 title holders Deutscher Fussball-Bund involved in that big crash. Only seven out of eight managed to survive the Germans. The fast six comprises of season 1 champs Germany, Croatia, Ukraine, unseeded Australia, unseeded Canada and unseeded New Zealand.

Unseeded Bosnia and Herzegovina, who returned to the series after missing Sonoma, upset the Germans again. The Bosnians also upset them last year, at Arm Melter 18.

Originally scheduled for after the MAVTV 500 race, the games were scheduled for Saturday before the race and Sunday. This was announced that the born outside US event was moved to Sunday before the NASCAR night race due to a lap 218 drive-through penalty for Flag of Germany.svg Germany for a pit entry violation. The penalty cost Germany to not get the title, and not get the world number one for the first time in history.

After the first practice was done, the order was determined: Flag of Russia.svg Russia, Flag of Colombia.svg Colombia, Flag of Italy.svg Italy, Flag of Slovakia.svg Slovakia, Flag of Brazil.svg Brazil, Flag of Ukraine.svg Ukraine, Flag of Croatia.svg Croatia, Flag of Germany.svg Germany

Before Germany went, the Flag of Italy.svg Italy team of season 3 wanted to expect the rules. The rules were: You can't go until the country is called.

With Germany going last, the ones going earlier will have their flags waved at the same time. Italy upset Germany on the final practice after the qualifying.

The defending champion from the 2013 season was New Zealand. They finished 3rd in the championship behind Australia and Germany; both teams were Chevrolet and drivers from Team Penske.

Justin Wilson was the first driver to die from the season four finals, on August 24, 2015.

Fontana Qualifying Order
Order Country Driver
1 Flag of Russia.svg Russia Mikhail Aleshin (R)
2 Flag of Colombia.svg Colombia Juan Pablo Montoya
3 Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina Jack Hawksworth (R)
4 Flag of Ecuador.svg Ecuador Sebastian Saavedra
5 Flag of Italy.svg Italy Marco Andretti
6 Flag of Uruguay.svg Uruguay Graham Rahal
7 Flag of Bolivia.svg Bolivia Carlos Huertas (R)
8 Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg Canada James Hinchcliffe
9 Flag of Slovakia.svg Slovakia Ryan Hunter-Reay
10 Flag of Chile.svg Chile Carlos Munoz (R)
11 Flag of France.svg France Simon Pagenaud
12 Flag of the United States.svg United States Ed Carpenter
12a Flag of Australia (converted).svg Australia Will Power
14 Flag of Brazil.svg Brazil Tony Kanaan
15 Flag of Ukraine.svg Ukraine Ryan Briscoe
16 Flag of Switzerland.svg Switzerland Justin Wilson
17 Flag of Croatia.svg Croatia Josef Newgarden
18 Flag of New Zealand.svg New Zealand Scott Dixon
19 Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg Bosnia Sebastien Bourdais
20 Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech Republic Charlie Kimball
21 Flag of Japan.svg Japan Takuma Sato
22 Flag of Germany.svg Germany Helio Castroneves
  • Croatia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Italy, Russia, Brazil and Colombia move on to the next round.
  • Had Germany finish in the top 10, Italy should have failed.
  • Argentina replaced Germany for the next round.
  • The first three penalties went to unseeded nations.
  • Flag of Germany.svg Germany and Flag of Slovakia.svg Slovakia got drive through-penalties in the late of the race. The Slovaks was pit exit violation and the Germans pit entry violation. Neither one of them failed, and chose the one failing to be Flag of Germany.svg Germany.
  • Flag of Germany.svg Germany refused to participate at the NASCAR Sprint Cup race Sunday night.
  • Ina Meschik leaves Bosnia and Herzegovina for Croatia after getting a penalty for passing the Serbians under the yellow flag.
  • Italy moves on since the Germans faulted on lap 220.
  • Poland calls Lap 220 "inhumane", due to the German penalty.
  • Dominika Cibulkova advanced to the BATC final round after the Germans faulted themselves on lap 220.
Rank Driver Confederation
1 Flag of Australia (converted).svg Will Power (AUS) AFC
2 Flag of Brazil.svg Helio Castroneves (BRA) CONMEBOL
3 Flag of New Zealand.svg Scott Dixon (NZL) OFC
4 Flag of Colombia.svg Juan Pablo Montoya (COL) CONMEBOL
5 Flag of France.svg Simon Pagenaud (FRA) UEFA
6 Flag of the United States.svg Ryan Hunter-Reay (USA) CONCACAF
7 Flag of Brazil.svg Tony Kanaan (BRA) CONMEBOL
8 Flag of Colombia.svg Carlos Munoz (COL) (R) CONMEBOL
9 Flag of the United States.svg Marco Andretti (USA) CONCACAF
10 Flag of France.svg Sebastien Bourdais (FRA) UEFA
Group A
Team Pld W D L GF GA GD P
Flag of Ukraine.svg Power (UKR) 4 4 0 0 12
Flag of Spain.svg Vortex (ESP) 4 3 0 1 9
Flag of Colombia.svg Emperasio (COL) 4 2 0 2 6
Flag of Russia.svg A.S.A.P. (RUS) 4 1 0 3 3
Flag of Germany.svg Unanimous (GER) 4 0 0 4 0
Group B
Team Pld W D L GF GA GD P
Flag of Italy.svg Dead Ends (ITA) 4 3 1 0 10
Flag of Croatia.svg Backbone (CRO) 4 3 1 0 10
Flag of Algeria.svg Infinity (ALG) 4 2 0 2 6
Flag of Slovakia.svg Plan B (SVK) 4 1 0 3 3
Flag of Brazil.svg Hydra (BRA) 4 0 0 4 0

Season 5


Kim Yuna made it to the semi finals

The finale was marked by a big upset in the firing last week; because if IndyCar did not win, then the world number six would be fired by Trump. With the Rolex 24 tournament still going on, it was announced that the third place match will be on January 31, and the final a day later.

The biggest upset went to Germany's 6-4 victory over USA. Germany meets another of the USA in the semi-finals.

Unseeded Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands produced another upset in the finale while in Australia, having to say "BLACK FLAG!" to the Italian team. The Dutch would be disqualified, and allowed their opponents to advance to the semifinals.

All eight seeded teams and all unseeded teams will enter the finale. Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden, which made its's debut a week earlier, will also appear.

Salamence failed to show up in a BATC week for the first time since season 1 week 4, four days after both Ecuador and Honduras were sent home from DWTS.

The top teams, Germany, Croatia, Slovakia and Italy get a bye.

Contestants participating:


None qualified


  First Round Quarterfinals Semi-Finals Final
27  Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands 6
93  Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg China PR 1  
13  Flag of Chile.svg Chile 6
65  Flag of Russia.svg Russia 7  
34  Flag of Spain.svg Spain 5
73  Flag of Poland.svg Poland 0r  
91  Flag of France.svg France 4  
82  Flag of Switzerland.svg Switzerland 6  

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
29 January - Melbourne        
 Flag of France.svg Gilles Marini (FRA)  6
30 January - Melbourne
 Flag of the United States.svg Kellie Pickler (USA)  3  
 Flag of France.svg Gilles Marini (FRA)  7 (8)
29 January - Melbourne
     Flag of South Korea.svg Kim Yu-Na (KOR)  6 (5)  
 Flag of Japan.svg Mao Asada (JPN)  2
31 January - Melbourne
 Flag of South Korea.svg Kim Yu-Na (KOR)  6  
 Flag of France.svg Gilles Marini (FRA)  7
29 January - Melbourne    
   Flag of the United States.svg Kristi Yamaguchi (USA)  6
 Flag of Brazil.svg Hélio Castroneves (BRA)  6
30 January - Melbourne
 Flag of the United States.svg Zendaya (USA)  4  
 Flag of Brazil.svg Hélio Castroneves (BRA)  4 Third place
29 January - Melbourne
     Flag of the United States.svg Kristi Yamaguchi (USA)  6   31 January - Melbourne
 Flag of the United States.svg Melissa Rycroft (USA)  5
 Flag of South Korea.svg Kim Yu-Na (KOR)  4
 Flag of the United States.svg Kristi Yamaguchi (USA)  7  
 Flag of Brazil.svg Helio Castroneves (BRA)  6

The four quarterfinal losers were all in the consolation round:

         Gold medal
  Semifinal   Q2     
         Bronze medal
  • South Korea moves on to the next round after the cancellation of Brasilia.
  • Nadia Petrova is set to return to BATC for the first time since week 11.
  • Olga Vilukhina also moves on to the next round after the cancellation of Brasilia.
  • Alena Zavarzina advanced after Poland's Urszula Radwanska withdrew prior to their second round match.
  • Underdog Brazilian Helio Castroneves continued his fairytale run by knocking off fellow DWTS winner Melissa Rycroft in the first round. It was shown that Germany would meet Kazakhstan again and this time Germany got revenge from their meeting before the 2013 IndyCar season.
  • Tomoka Takeuchi moved on to the next round, thanks to the withdrawal of Aleksandra Krol.
  • Agnieszka Radwańska moves on to the next round despite the withdrawal of Olga Fatkulina.

Season 6

Flag of Italy.svg Italy's 2015 IndyCar schedule:

No. Race Date Location
1 Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach April 19 Streets of Long Beach, Long Beach, California
2 Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama April 26 Barber Motorsports Park, Birmingham, Alabama
3 Grand Prix of Indianapolis May 10* Indianapolis Road Course, Speedway, Indiana
4 Indianapolis 500 May 24 Indianapolis Oval, Speedway, Indiana
5 Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix May 30 Streets at Belle Isle, Detroit
6 May 31
7 Firestone 600 June 6 Texas Motor Speedway, Fort Worth, Texas
8 MAVTV 500 June 28* Auto Club Speedway, Fontana, California
9 Milwaukee Indy Fest July 12 Milwaukee Mile, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
10 Iowa Corn Indy 300 July 19* Iowa Speedway, Newton, Iowa
11 Honda Indy 200 at Mid-Ohio August 2 Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, Lexington, Ohio
12 Pocono 500 August 23 Pocono Raceway, Nazareth, Pennsylvania
13 Indy Grand Prix of Sonoma August 30 Sonoma Raceway, Sonoma, California
  • Italy postponed the GP of Indianapolis from May 9 to May 10 because of NASCAR rain at Richmond International Raceway. On that day, Italy will spoil the German birthday celebration.
  • Italy decided to postpone the MAVTV 500 to June 28 because of rain at Chicagoland Speedway. This race, Italy will likely want it shortened and a Simon Pagenaud penalty can help them.
  • Italy postponed the Iowa Corn 300 because of rain at Iowa.

See also: 2015 BATC Season 6 Finals and 2015 Indy Grand Prix of Sonoma

Countries represented

AFC (3)
CAF (0)


OFC (0)
UEFA (24)

The season 6 finale will be set up on the weeks of August 30 and September 6, and will run for two weeks, the first being NASCAR's off week and then Labors Day. This will be the second race for Poland (known often as the May 10 birthdays failure because of Germany) and the comeback of the real Poland since the 2012 MAVTV 500. The first one will be in Sonoma due to doubling the points, while the next one on Labors Day is a Slovenia flight; but Slovenia's successful bid as host was selected due to the cancellation of the Brasilia race. The death of Misao Okawa marred the prior task to Pocono from France to Switzerland, and the task after Mid Ohio from Ecuador to Colombia. Serbia will participate as a driver in this BATC finale, but was confirmed to participate as the partner of Germany. Earlier in week 13, Italy will partner Russia for the oval rounds.

In the final week before the actual finals in Slovenia, teams can celebrate the death of Jules Bianchi before the start of green flag.

By the time the race takes the green flag, Brazil would have set a season 4 record and Germany a season 1 record. Both countries made over 300 starts.

There will be less UEFA representatives than the previous season finale due to the Sonoma race. The previous season was at the Australian Open. A year ago, the finale was at Auto Club Speedway. The Slovenians announced at the Indy GP road course that they will be doing a 2015 IndyCar parody song at the end of the season (the Indianapolis road course was part of the BATC Birthdays). The Slovenian tune to the song is yet to be determined, and on the lyrics they might add the Germany-Australia Detroit crash.

Last year's Sonoma race saw the caution involving three season 1 teams: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany and Ecuador.

During the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup, all 24 teams representing Europe will be confirmed for races from Toronto to Sonoma.

This is one of the races confirmed for Paraguay, the other being 3, 5, and 10-16. Sweden is also confirmed, but will have to drive together with the Paraguayans.

Italy predicts Germany to win the championship since the Germans have not gotten an IndyCar trophy. The other votes are for Slovakia, Ukraine, Australia, Colombia or France. Among the season 1 contestants that will not participate at Sonoma but traveling to Slovenia include Justyna Kowalczyk.

The remaining eight will travel to Sonoma Raceway to do a logo for the seventh season. If Will Power or Montoya make the top eight, Romania and Turkey will replace them instead.

After James Hinchcliffe hit hard at Indianapolis, CONCACAF switched teams. Canada will be replaced by Costa Rica. The Costa Rica national team will be the only CONCACAF representative in the remaining races as Serbia is playing a major role with Germany.

The week and the next week will clash with the 2015 US Open series of tennis. Dominika Cibulkova is making her first appearance since her Achilles surgery. Due to Justin Wilson's head injury, there has been suggestions for teams being alternates. But Justin Wilson died on August 24, and teams will have to use #RIPJustinWilson for their participating time.

If the May 10 failed teams Poland and Russia are drawn in the same group or Germany, the alternate Belgium will be drawn in Colombia's group. But the two teams were drawn in different groups.

Country Driver Racing Team
Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina Jack Hawksworth AJ Foyt Enterprises
Flag of Australia (converted).svg Australia Will Power Team Penske
Flag of Austria.svg Austria TBA TBA
Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Belgium TBA TBA
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg Bosnia-Herzegovina Sebastien Bourdais KV Racing Technology
Flag of Brazil.svg Brazil Tony Kanaan Chip Ganassi Racing
Flag of Colombia.svg Colombia Juan Pablo Montoya Team Penske
Flag of Costa Rica.svg Costa Rica Ryan Briscoe Schmidt Peterson Motorsports
Flag of Croatia.svg Croatia Josef Newgarden CFH Racing
Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech Republic Charlie Kimball Chip Ganassi Racing
Flag of Ecuador.svg Ecuador Gabby Chaves Bryan Herta Autosport
Flag of France.svg France Simon Pagenaud Team Penske
Flag of Germany.svg Germany Helio Castroneves Team Penske
Flag of Greece.svg Greece Tristan Vaultier Dale Coyne Racing
Flag of Italy.svg Italy Luca Filippi CFH Racing
Flag of Japan.svg Japan Takuma Sato AJ Foyt Enterprises
Flag of Paraguay (1990-2013).svg Paraguay Sebastian Saavedra Chip Ganassi Racing
Flag of Poland.svg Poland Mikhail Aleshin Schmidt Peterson Motorsports
Flag of Portugal.svg Portugal All four Penske drivers Team Penske
Flag of Romania.svg Romania Replaced driver TBA
Flag of Russia.svg Russia Marco Andretti Andretti Autosport
Flag of Serbia.svg Serbia Helio Castroneves Team Penske
Flag of Slovakia.svg Slovakia Ryan Hunter-Reay Andretti Autosport
Flag of Slovenia.svg Slovenia James Jakes Schmidt Peterson Motorsports
Flag of Spain.svg Spain Carlos Munoz Andretti Autosport
Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden Sebastian Saavedra Chip Ganassi Racing
Flag of Switzerland.svg Switzerland Stefano Coletti KV Racing Technology
Flag of Turkey.svg Turkey Rodolfo Gonzalez Dale Coyne Racing
Flag of Ukraine.svg Ukraine Scott Dixon Chip Ganassi Racing
Flag of Uruguay.svg Uruguay Graham Rahal Rahal Letterman Racing

Practice 1: Australia, the defending IndyCar champion, topped practice 1. There were some lead changes, popularly between the European teams and the Australians.

Practice 2: The Slovaks had a better time than last time. Australia finished eighth.

Qualifying group 1: Flag of Colombia.svg Colombia, Flag of Romania.svg Romania (alternate), Flag of Germany.svg Germany, Flag of Serbia.svg Serbia, Flag of Brazil.svg Brazil, Flag of Russia.svg Russia, Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech Republic, Flag of Ecuador.svg Ecuador, Flag of Greece.svg Greece, Flag of Italy.svg Italy, Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Belgium (alternate), Flag of Uruguay.svg Uruguay, Flag of France.svg France, Flag of Costa Rica.svg Costa Rica. Russia advanced from round one, so the Netherlands becomes alternates for round two. Had the Germans advance, the Netherlands would have been eliminated.

Qualifying group 2: Flag of Poland.svg Poland, Flag of Turkey.svg Turkey, Flag of Slovakia.svg Slovakia, Flag of Australia (converted).svg Australia, Flag of Ukraine.svg Ukraine, Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg Bosnia and Herzegovina, Flag of Croatia.svg Croatia, Flag of Slovenia.svg Slovenia, Flag of Spain.svg Spain, Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden, Flag of Paraguay.svg Paraguay, Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina, Flag of Japan.svg Japan, Flag of Switzerland.svg Switzerland. Had the Bosnians advance, Gilles Marini would have qualified for round 2.

Qualifying round 2: Had Germany advance, all 42 contestants of season 1 would have been present, and a Galvantula vs. Froslass match would have been scheduled.

Race: Ukraine wins.

Season 7

The show announcer confirmed that the season 7 finale will take place at the Australian Open again, the place the finals were held for the previous three fall seasons. If Simon Pagenaud qualifies, the Rolex 24 at Daytona will also be held; only if Will Power or Juan Pablo Montoya aren't confirmed by the Netherlands.

It was supposed to be held in the colder country of Russia, but the announcer said it will be moved to Australia, because of the hotter temperatures they have in Australia.

Eight countries will participate in a BATC final for the first time: Hungary, England, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Ivory Coast, Iceland and Honduras. The only season 7 teams that are IndyCar specialists are Honduras, Bulgaria, Denmark and England. Honduras will likely drive for Helio Castroneves (the sixth in 2016, the first time since 2012) as Germany chose Will Power.

If neither Bindi Irwin, Hayes Grier nor Willow Shields qualify for the last eight, a winner will be decided at 20:00 Australia Time on 30 January 2016. The finale will still be scheduled but the rest of the season was cancelled due to the Paris attacks.

Season 8

The Season 8 finale took place at Watkins Glen International between September 2 and September 4, 2016. Originally it was going to be in Boston. The race was eventually cancelled.

The five championship contenders

Takkatan Chonlada: If she were to win; Pee Saderd needed to qualify inside top 20 and finish inside top 15

Audrina Patridge: If she were to win; have Bristol Palin qualify 12th or lower and finish outside top 15

Nevin Galmarini: If he were to win; have at least one caution involving a Penske driver other than Power or Pagenaud

Jerry Rice: If he were to win; with his country Spain, needed to qualify ahead of either one of Garbiñe Muguruza or Pee Saderd and finish the race outside top 18

Lance Bass: If he were to win; he will need him to let Metagross qualify for round 2 of qualifying and finish ahead of at least one of Hélio Castroneves or Pee Saderd

Season 9

The final will take place in Australia.

Season 10

The final will be at Watkins Glen for the second successive year.

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