"Austin" appeared in many episodes, the character who appeared in the least episodes of The Backyardigans and also that he hates that nasty hit whale Pearl Krabs and that good piano player Kelsi Nielsen from Pembroke in Wipeout Canada. He is a purple kangaroo in the game All-Star Brawl (Beauties).

He was absent for a lot of episodes for the first season, a lot for the second season, a lot for the third season and a lot for the fourth and the final season.

He is purple and is the new kangaroo on the block!

A timid, but fun-loving purple kangaroo who moved into the block during season one.[1] Though generally shy during the course of the first season, Austin starts to come out of his shell, revealing a smart, friendly, and imaginative child. Although rarely appearing in the spotlight, he does take the role of the lead character in some episodes. Says Bogush: "Austin's usually the one pulling up the rear. He's kind of a get-along guy."[2]

While usually a friendly character, Austin can act out his grumpy side every once in a while, such as in High Tea or The Magic Skateboard. Austin's roles usually start as heroic in the first season, like when he was a superhero along with Uniqua. He also plays the main hero in a robot on rampage in season four. As the seasons go on, his roles become a little more villainous: in The Action Elves Save Christmas Eve!, he serves as an antagonist along side Tyrone and also plays the main villain in Flower Power.

He sometimes say "Don't Walk Away of Allen Ford and Principal Allthumbs give you detention".



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